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  2. Alejandro Cartagena captured Mexican workers on their way to job sites in Car Poolers. This is such an amazing and simple photo series. 

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    Realistic Paintings by Alyssa Monks

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    "Using filters such as glass, vinyl, water, and steam, I distort the body in shallow painted spaces. These filters allow for large areas of abstract design - islands of color with activated surfaces - while bits of the human form peak through. In a contemporary take on the traditional bathing women, my subjects are pushing against the glass “window”, distorting their own body, aware of and commanding the proverbial male gaze. Thick paint strokes in delicate color relationships are pushed and pulled to imitate glass, steam, water and flesh from a distance. However, up close, the delicious physical properties of oil paint are apparent. Thus sustaining the moment when abstract paint strokes become something else." 

    "When I began painting the human body, I was obsessed with it and needed to create as much realism as possible. I chased realism until it began to unravel and deconstruct itself,” Alyssa states, “I am exploring the possibility and potential where representational painting and abstraction meet - if both can coexist in the same moment."

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  8. "Seriously, it’s like, I want everyday to be exciting, and scary, and a roller coaster of creative experience, as if I’m making a new life for myself in France."
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    A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Ákos Major

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    in hindsight i shouldnt have poured boxed wine and vodka into my can of 4loko last night but on the other hand this body is merely a flesh vessel for my stardust to experience other stardust

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    an very important hole

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    I literally overcame self esteem issues by making ironically over-arrogant claims because even if you’re joking about something a lot you start to believe it and that can totally work in a good way if you let it

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    protip: refer to all your mistakes as “artistic choices”

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    Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts


    Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Those are the countries. It will be drought-resistant species, mostly acacias. And this is a fucking brilliant idea you have no idea oh my Christ

    This will create so many jobs and regenerate so many communities and aaaaaahhhhhhh

    more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Green_Wall

    it’s already happening, and already having positive effects. this is wonderful, why have i not heard of this before? i’m so happy!

    Oh wow, this is fantastic!

    Trees are ALWAYS important. *sighs happily* Have some good news, for a change!

    i’m just gonna reblog this again because everybody should have some Tree Wall in their life every so often.

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